A Few Benefits Of Electronic Brakes For Your RV

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A Few Benefits Of Electronic Brakes For Your RV

4 June 2018
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Having good, reliable brakes on your RV is important for the safety of everyone in your vehicle and the cars on the road with you. If the brakes on the trailer fail, it can come crashing into the back of your tow vehicle. It is also possible that it can then break free of the hitch and crash into other traffic. There are two main types of RV brakes, hydraulic surge and electronic. Here are just a few advantages of electronic brakes.

Better Control

Hydraulic surge brakes work basically on their own. You use the brake pedal in the tow vehicle, but the brakes on the trailer are activated due to pressure on the hitch. As you stop the vehicle, the trailer lurches forward, putting pressure on the hitch and pressing a hydraulic switch which causes the brakes to engage.

Electronic brakes will have a control in the tow vehicle for the driver to engage. In addition to stopping the RV, you can apply the electronic brake lightly to keep the trailer from swaying on the road behind you during high winds or when going down a steep hill. You have much better control with electronic brakes.


Electronic brakes are easier to maintain than hydraulic surge brakes. Hydraulic lines can rust or corrode, become clogged or disconnected, or crack and lose the fluid. In addition, the parts to repair them are more expensive than those for electronic brakes and easier to work on.


Electronic RV brakes can come with a quick disconnect for inside the cab of the tow vehicle. You can simply install the system, and then, when not pulling the RV, disconnect the brakes. The controller and lines can be stored safely inside the RV until they are needed again.

If you currently use hydraulic surge brakes, you can contact a professional RV or trailer mechanic to upgrade to an electronic set. You can wait until the current set needs repair or replacement as long as they are in good working condition. Once you make the change, you will be glad you did. You and your family can feel safer knowing that you are in control of stopping the trailer behind you. It would be a good move to have the system installed on all wheels instead of only two. If your trailer came equipped with brakes n only two wheels, you should consider having the other two equipped. The better you can stop the RV, the safer everyone will be.

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