3 Things You Should Consider Before You Install A Car Subwoofer

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3 Things You Should Consider Before You Install A Car Subwoofer

12 July 2021
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If you have been missing that incredible bass in your music, it's time to consider installing a subwoofer in your car. However, it isn't an easy task to build a system that works to your expectation. With a great strategy, your car subwoofer installation can surpass your expectation. This guide explores valuable considerations before installing a subwoofer to enhance the system's performance. Here are a few to keep in mind.

1. Carefully evaluate your subwoofer enclosure  

Subwoofer systems need an enclosure for excellent performance, and the type you consider will determine the bass you receive. Note that there are two enclosure options available: sealed and ported. A distinct difference between the two is that the sealed option features an airtight design while the ported option has a vent, allowing air to flow in and out the subwoofer casing. When it comes to the sound they produce, you'll receive a tight and accurate bass from the sealed enclosure, while the ported enclosure type is characterized by a loud and boom bass.

2. Research on an appropriate head unit

When researching the head unit to pair with your speaker, there are plenty of options available in the market. Fortunately, you can find digital media that feature double DIN or single DIN receivers. Regardless, it would be best to settle for a head unit that features satellite radio and is wireless compatible. Additionally, it's worth choosing a unit with a broader touchscreen as it can enrich the elegance of your car's interior. Other valuable features include a customizable display and USB compatibility.

3. Consider the resistance to the flow of electricity

Your subwoofer's electrical components and circuit have a natural electric current resistance (impedance). Therefore, before you think of wiring your subwoofer to an amplifier, ensure they have matching impedance specs. So, if you've got a subwoofer with a 2 ohms' impedance rating, your amp should be a 2-ohm stable. 

It's also possible to drive two subwoofers with one amplifier. However, you'll need the services of a qualified subwoofer installation technician to wire your subwoofers so that their impedance matches your amplifier's specification. Remember that if your subwoofer presents a low impedance to the amplifier, your amplifier will send more power to your subwoofer. This is why it's necessary to send the recommended impedance to your amplifier.

You'll significantly better your car audio experience by installing your subwoofer correctly. The few tips highlighted above are a start to getting that perfect audio quality you've been longing for. To learn more, contact a company like LL J Customs.